Bring Fresh Food and Nutrition Education To Our Schools!

Farm-to-School Program Funding Up For Approval in Congress Right Now!

Please call or write your legislators and encourage them to pass a Child Nutrition Act Reauthorization (CNR) now. The last version - known as the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 - expired on September 30 2015! Without a new similar law, many important rules that require schools to provide fresh, healthy food to students could disappear.

The reauthorization is import too, because it can expand farm-to-school programs by including them in the new law. Farm-to-school curriculum often includes bringing healthy, fresh food to students in tehir own cafeterias, along with hands-on gardening experiences and important nutrition education. Healthier programs mean healthier kids.
Let your legislators know that you support the inclusion of the Farm to School Act of 2015 in the  CNR’s reauthorization. 

Farm to School Programs work! The United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School census says that seventy-five percent of respondents with farm-to-school programs reported at least one of the following positive benefits as a result of participating in farm to school:
• Reduced plate waste;
 Improved acceptance of the healthier school meals;
 Increased participation in school meals programs; 
 Lower school meal program costs; and
 Increased support from parents and community members for the healthier school meals.

Click here for more information on the current U.S. House and Senate bills from our friends at FRAC.

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