Bring Fresh Local Food to U.S. Schools!

Support Farm to School Programs!

Over 30 million children across the U.S. eat lunch and other meals and snacks through federal programs every day. But many U.S. schools don't offer fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and some schools consider ketchup a vegetable.

Kids who don't eat well also often don't perform well in the classroom, and it's more difficult to teach them good eating habits later in life. We need to improve school food now.

Additionally, many farmers are struggling to make a living. It would be great for the farmers and our children if more fresh local food could be bought and used in schools.

Right now, the U.S. Congress is discussing a new national law to create a Farm to School program. And it is a bipartisan effort - with Republicans and Democrats working together. 40 states and the District of Columba all have some form of Farm to School programs. Many of these programs connect farmers to schools so more fresh local food can be a part of school meals. Some farm to school programs include gardens on site at schools. This can foster children learning more about nutrition, health and various other topics associated with growing.

Tell your legislators you support a national Farm to School program so our children can eat better and learn about fresh food and we can support our farmers too.


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