No Farms = No Food

Tell Congress you care about family farmers and fresh, healthy food!

Our current food system is broken, and it didn’t happen by accident. Decades of bad political decisions about how the food we eat is grown have mainly benefited big agribusinesses and mega-farms. This skews our food system toward farms that use too many fertilizers and other chemicals, and abuse our environment, while smaller family farms struggle to continue providing fresh, healthy and affordable food for us all.

The Farm Bill - the primary federal law that regulates a wide range of food issues - from what's in school lunches (should ketchup and pizza sauce be considered vegetables?) to how farmers are treated - is up for reauthorization, and if we can push for certain changes, we can create a healthy food system for everyone. 

There are so many important issues that can be in the farm bill  - from labeling gentically modified foods so people can make informed choices about what they are eating, to saving honey bees. One thing it is missing is including provisions to recognize and support recirculating farms. Hydroponics, aquaponics and recirculating aquaculture are innovative growing methods that have been gaining popularity all over the world. They are space energy and water efficient and can grow food virtually anywhere - in hot or cold climates, indoors or outside, and notably right where food is most needed, cutting down on use of fuel for shipping and refrigeration. These eco-friendly farms should be a recognized and supported as a part of U.S. agriculture.

Send a message to Congress and tell them you want this year's Farm Bill to have meaningful provisions to protect consumers, and family farmers - and recognize recirculating farms too!

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