The Gulf of Mexico Needs YOU Now!

Stop Industrial Fish Farms In Our Gulf of Mexico!

The Gulf of Mexico is a source of food and recreation for people world-wide. It is also important to the health and well-being of so many local communities and wildlife. Yet, our government just approved a permitting program to allow industrial fish farms to move into the Gulf of Mexico, dispite tens of thousands of public comments opposing this.

The global experience with open water aquaculture has been troubling. Cages used to contain the fish are flow-through, meaning anything in them - excess feed, fish wastes, chemicals or antibiotics - can go directly into Gulf waters. Massive fish escapes from aquaculture facilities happen worldwide. Farmed fish can intermix with wild fish and alter their natural behaviors, potentially changing their ability to survive long term. Fish farms in Chile, Canada and Scotland have all had serious disease outbreaks.

The Gulf of Mexico is still struggling to recover from violent hurricanes and the worst oil spill ever in the United States. We don't need a harmful new industry. Call your U.S. Congress Representative and Senators and tell them to STOP industrial fish farming in the Gulf of Mexico.

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